Multivibrator using transistors

The beauty of the kit is that it is not just one circuit instead it is actually a platform to analyse many circuits. The school licence is reasonably priced for the course booklet that is supplied by School Tech Supplies. The course is planned for at least one term and can be extend to a full semester depending on the depth that you plan to go into. The course booklet is quite extensive and covers many topics in modular form so that every student can achieve something.

I am providing a bit of information here with the permission of the School Tech Supplies.

Multivibrator is an electronic circuit that can have a two-state system. We can classify multivibrator circuits into three main types based on the function. All three of these can be created using this kit and the best part is that you do not have to desolder anything. The types are:

Astable: As the name suggests this type is not stable in either state. It continually switches from one state to the other. The circuit functions as an oscillator.

Monostable: One states is stable, but the other state is unstable. This unstable state is called transient state. A trigger pulse causes the circuit to enter the unstable state for a calculated time. The circuit will return to the stable state after this time frame.The time frame can be set using particular values of certain components in the circuit. The circuit functions as an timer.

Bistable: The circuit is stable in both states. It can be flipped from one state to the other by an external trigger pulse. This circuit is also known as a flip flop. It can be used to store one bit of information. The circuit functions as an flip-flop.


The Multivibrator – three in one, kit includes

  1. 4 x BC 548 (2 spares)

  2. 11 x 2 Pin headers Female

  3. 2 x 3 Pin headers Female

  4. 1 uf x 2

  5. 4.7 uf x 2

  6. 22 10 uf  x 2

  7. 10 uf  x 2

  8. 47 uf  x 2

  9. 100 uf  x 2

  10. 220 uf  x 2

  11. 470uf  x 2

  12. 1000 uf  x 2

  13. 2 x LED

  14. 47 ohms, 100 ohms, 1K, 22K, 33K, 47K, 68K, 100K, 470K, 1M,

  15. Diode

  16. Battery  connecter set  (Male, Female, Pins)

  17. 2 x Tactile switch

  18. Plate PCB