Assignment: Aboriginal Culture


assignment Koorie culture


This assignment is all about promoting and celebrating the Koorie culture. Limited knowledge of Koorie culture prompted me to think that it would be great if the students of my school can create a website that can educate us more. You are requested to find and present information that would have a positive impact in helping all.

Students will include the following in their final website submission ...

  • Gather data about education and wellbeing of indigenous people. Suggest possible methods of improvements.
  • Video of a dance / drama item based on indigenous culture (get help from your dance / drama teacher).
  • Design an artwork based around the indigenous theme with the help of your art teacher
  • Create an artwork based around the indigenous theme using SVG with the help of your Digital-technology teacher.
  • Cook an indigenous recipe with the help of your food-technology teacher and present it with photos and videos.
  • Learn to play an indigenous musical instrument with the help of you music teacher and make a video presentation.
  • Learn to throw a boomerang with the help of your PE teacher. Make a video and include it on the website (Not to be done due to safety concerns)


Students will be marked on the content knowledge and presentation based on digital technology (and not on the knowledge of the topics).

Due date is last week of March for 1 or 2 dot points, 4 dot points by first week after term 1 holidays and rest is due by second week after term holidays