This tutorial is under development

How to use MS Excel and make a basic project


Open MS Excel, it is part of Microsoft Office package. It is the green colour icon with an "X" on it

 There will be a few template available to choose from. We will currently work with "Blank Workbook" template.

 Look in the bottom left corner and you will see one sheet named as "Sheet1"

 Double click on it and you can rename it, say "ebayShop"

 You can now hit enter and then click on the "+" button to create a new sheet if you want.

 or you can click on the "+" button to create the new sheet along with saving the current sheet's name

The cell is referenced by "ColumnRow" format

For example "A1" will refer to the cell shaded as dark in the following picture

 You are now ready to go ahead with other tutorials that are available as sub-menus under this menu item 

It is a good idea to go ahead and explore all items available in the menu/ribbon at this stage. Try colouring cells etc.