Why this personal website when we have ...

1. LMS (learning management system) at school. Reason being that only my students can see it, and to increase its functionality, so that all students and teachers across the state and beyond can see and use it, is not possible.

2. Free tutorial websites like www.instructibles.com where I also have a chance to actually win some prizes. The biggest problem in using these websites is that the free versions has annoying advertisements which are not suitable for school children. To avoid that I have to go pro version and have to pay for it. Even after doing so there is the issue of limited functionality.

3. Free Online website like www.weebly.com . Main reason to avoid these is the limited functionality in free version and you have to pay if you need more.

The main reason to go for this kind of website building process was my growth mindset which is eager to learn new things everyday. All the above options does not provide me with the kind of challenge I needed. A couple of days with each one of the ones stated above and they is nothing left to learn. Above all I like the power of cPanel that my host server gives to handle all files at the root level.


So after a wait of about 8 years ...

... and heart breaking failure of Ultranet, I finally decided to make my own website. 

This website is developed both for teachers as well as for students (and parents). We will be providing guidelines and methodology that will support you in teaching-learning process. It is a very humble beginning for a very promising future and we are hoping to constantly introduce more topics in future. Currently we are going to start with limited domains but we will widen our horizons in near future.

Before we begin it is worthwhile to mention the software that were used to build this website. The base frame is built using Joomla responsive open source template. The menu is built using swMenuFree module. Many more modules/components/plugins are available here. For example, the YouTube videos that are available in some tutorials, were included using "All Video Share" module.

The screenshots were taken using greenshot open source software. Installation and usage instruction are available here. Although it is very easy to set preferences in this software still it was a pain to set the file names and location every time so the screenshots were taken in one temporary folder and another utility called "Bulk rename Utility" was used to rename files later and move them in newly created relevant folders.