School Tech Supplies are offering analytic kits For the first time in Australia. They have named these kits as analytic kits because these kits brings out the best in students when it comes to analysis of the electronic circuits. I am going to discuss some of these kits here (see sub menu items) and how teachers can use these in classroom.

Why Kits?

It is hard to collect components from different resources. So providers like School Tech Supplies try to take that hassle out of your life so that teaching-learning process can be as enjoyable and productive as possible.

What is already available?

There are few types of popular kits currently in market. The first type are PCB Kits. In these kits the electronic components are soldered on a ready made PCB. The problem with these types of kits is that it is hard to remove a components from these boards if it has become U/S or for analysis. These are, by far, the most popular kits in the market because of less cost. Another problem with these kits is that there is no scope to experiment with new circuits. You can only choose from what is available.

The second type overcomes this drawback. They are the Experimental Board Kit but they are very tedious and hard for the beginners. This type of kits again has the same drawbacks as PCB kits e.g. it is hard to remove a components from these boards if it has become U/S or for analysis.

The third type is Breadboard Kits that removes this major drawback. One and move replace components as per their requirement but these kits stiill have one drawback left. They are tedious and analysis is confusing for students. I have seen students struggle to find the right spot to insert a new component once they have taken out a component for replacement.

So this brings us to the fourth type. I call them Hybrid Kits. The company, that has designed these kits, calls them ANALYTIC KITS.

Why did I choose to go for Analytic Kits?

As analysis was either very limited or was tedious on other kits that were currently available in market, I was looking for a kit that is a hybrid of Breadboard kits and PCB kits. So I tried an analytic kit, ANA101DL, from School Tech Supplies. This, by far, is the best option for my classes. Please the see the sub menu labeled "Multivibrator" or just search for it in this website.