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Feedback feature is to be used to provide suggestions of improvement to the teacher. It can be about the effectiveness of a session. This data will be used to improve the teaching process. Students can also state those aspects that they have not understood so that teacher can either teach the whole class (if there are many) or deal one-to-one if there are few. This is the reason that the feedback process is NOT anonymous. Teachers can use other platforms to obtain anonymous feedback.

Skills & Knowledge

Logbook was originally developed for showing progress for SAT (School Assessed Tasks) in Systems Engineering and Software Development subjects but now can be used to submit progressive tasks using "Submit Log" menu option that will be assessed and contribute towards the "Skills" aspect of the reports.

The major assignments, held at the end of a topic, contribute towards "Knowledge" aspect of the reports.


Can be submitted using the "Create reflection" menu option and is used to reflect on one's own learning. Data is collected in every session because reflection is a continuous process. This data will be used to inform "Reflection" aspect of report writing process. This is not just writing about the work that you did in the class. It is about what did or did not go according to plan and your plans and strategies to improve in future. Span is from the start of last session to the start of the current session and is written at the start of every session.

Participation & Habits

Students indicate their participation in the class on the current date only. This will contribute towards their report in "Participation" aspect.

For reporting purpose, the "Study Habits" aspect is measured based on the Questions and Answers that were attempted along with their quality. This aspect is self-assessed by the student because the correct answers are provided.

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