Raw Paneer


paneer raw



  1. Boil milk
  2. Add vinegar
  3. Paneer will separate.
  4. Separate the paneer, leaving most liquid behind.
  5. This part has to be done while paneer is still hot. Place paneer in a cloth and sqeeze to filter out as much liquide as you can. Use another utensil to press as the paneer is still hot.
  6. Enclose the paneer in the cloth properly and put some weight on top to let the remaining liquid drain slowly. Tip: Place the paneer enclosed in the cloth on top of an inverted plate which can be place directly inside the sink. Then fill the karahi in which you separated paneer with cold water and put on top on the paneer. this will act as a good weight
  7. Store in fridge after it cools down for future use in recipes like matar-paneer, capsicum-paneer,