Stuffed (Raddish/Potato) Paratha


Stuffed paratha



  1. Cut raddish leaves in small pieces. Keep it aside.
  2. Grate raddish and add salt and mix so that raddish releases water after some time so leave this also aside.
  3. Cut some fresh coriander leaves. Mix with it the gratted raddish and raddish leaves.
  4. Make two small spheres of 3 cm diameter of dough of whole-wheat-flour. Roll them using a pastry roller into a nice circular flat shaped discs.
  5. Place some gratted radish mix in the middle of the two layers of the circular discs of the dough.
  6. NClose the edges of the discs by pressing with your fingers so that the raddish mix is enclosed inside the dough discs.
  7. Now roll it again using a pastry roller.
  8. Cook it like a roti on a tawa.
  9. Add butter on both sides while cooking.
  10. Serve with eggs and a cup of tea.