Lemon Pickle



lemon pickle



Now before you get started on this one, let me warn you that this takes more than a month to prepare. Having said that, still it is worth the effort.


Day One:

  1. Wash and dry 15 lemons properly.
  2. Cut each lemon in 4 pieces.
  3. Mix table salt and black salt . Marinate with salt mix and put it in an air tight jar.
  4. Keep it for a month and shake jar daily.

After one month:

  1. Get things ready:
    1. Heat 50 ml mustard oil.
    2. Add one table spoon of mustard seeds.
    3. Add 100 g of jaggery powder.
    4. Add one table spoon of Asafoetida.
    5. Add one table spoon of Red Chilli powder.
    6. Add one table spoon of grounded black pepper.
    7. Add one table spoon of ajwain (carom seeds) while stirring.
    8. Add one table spoon of fenugreek seeds while stirring.
  2. Prepare:
    1. Mix all the things together.
    2. Put lemons in it.
    3. Heat it to the boiling point.
    4. Let it cool down.
    5. Put it in a jar.
    6. Ready to eat!