Gulab Jamun


gulab jamun 1

gulab jamul 2



  1. Mix evenly the dry milk powder and self raising flour. Add thickened cream and rub to make it look like coarse crumbs. Do not over do this part.
  2. Now we will make sweet syrup (chashni). For mix sugar and cardamom in 300 ml water. Heat it gently until boil for a few mintues until it passes the string test.
  3. String test: Full a see through glass cup with water. Put a drop of syrup that you are making in to it. It should leave a string like trail and not desolve immediately.
  4. Add lemon juice. Set it aside. Lemon juice helps to stop crystalisation.
  5. Make balls of the dough of about 3 cm diameter without cracks.
  6. Heat the 1kg ghee in a karahi. Fry a few balls everytime for 5 minutes while moving them around to make them dark brown evenly on all sides. Remove and add them to the to the warm syrup and leave them to soak for few hours. Repeat the process with all balls.