1. Put grated-carrots in the pressure cooker and let it cook on full heat for one whistle. Let it cool down (do not release the pressure).
  2. Open lid of the pressure cooker and cook until almost all water dries off. Add 2 spoon full of ghee.
  3. Heat some magaj on tava. Now crush some almonds. Add all these to the contents of the pressure cooker and mix properly. And set it aside.
  4. Mix 2 bowl full cream milk powder and 1 bowl thickened cream, bulla brand.
  5. Heat in microwave for 1 minute and then mix again. Repeat this process 5 times. So, in total you have heated the mixture for 5 minutes. This is your burfi!
  6. Add barfi to the pressure cooker and mix well. Break the lumps of the burfi to as small pieces as possible.
  7. Garnish with thin sliced pistachio and serve.