Dahi Bhalla


dai bhalla



  1. Soak black dal in plenty of water for two days.
  2. Keep one-fourth dal separate and crack open the rest seeds using pastry roller and remove most of the covers by seeping through the water. Do not worry if plenty are still there! Now grind all to fine paste, including the one-fourth dal that you separated earlier.
  3. Heat about half kilogram of mustard oil till the smoke stops coming out of the oil. Fry small balls of the black dal paste. These are called bhalle. They are like sponge balls. After cooling, these balls are to be soaked in water and squeezed to drain out the mustard oil.
  4. Papdi (also referred to as Papri) can be explained as small savory crispy puris or crackers, essentially made by deep-frying or baking a spiced flour dough. This can be bought ready made or prepared in the same oil. Same is true about other items that will go as topping on this recipe.
  1. Place 5 pieces of bhalle in a serving plate. We will now load this with other things.
  2. Pour few spoons of Yogurt on the bhalle, enough to cover them up. Sprinkle very little chopped onions on top of yogurt. This should not be more otherwise the taste of Bhalle will be lost in the onions.
  3. Now add a layer of tamarind chutney on top of yogurt so that half of yogurt area is still visible.
  4. Now add papdi, bondi, chopped tomato pieces and jelly cubes.